Cutting back on our open days for awhile

We have decided to close on Sundays for awhile, though we may re-open on Sundays during the summer months as we get more tourist traffic. We are currently closed on Tuesdays and holidays as well, but we may consider switching to closed on Sundays and Mondays depending on how online sales and other factors play out.


Discounted selections for the month of March

This month we will be offering 30% off marked prices on books in our Women’s Studies section, since March is Women’s Her-story Month. Later in the month we will also be having discounted prices ?(20%) on books about “green” businesses, “green” cleaning products, “green energy”, etc. as well as discounts on books on Ireland and the Irish people. Also, with “March Madness” happening, we will be offering a 20% discount on books about basketball as well.