dead book blogs and taxes

In an effort to find something to do to avoid reading up on and completing 2013 federal taxes, I’ve recently been reporting old blogs for delisting on blogshares. Apparently, back in 2009 book themed blog titles were a popular choice for (probably) spam blogs. In addition to the more likely titles

Aquatic Barbells
Linux games

I’ve also found a whole bunch of blog titles like the following:

Wilde, Oscar – Books
Books: Performing Arts
Interior Design Book
Special Needs Children Books
Seed-Bearing Plants Books
Instrumentalists Books

Sci-Fi Books – Gaming

Popular Books

Pastel Books

Pottery and Ceramics Books

This isn’t something I’ve run across in the past and I’ve done a lot of old blog reporting over the past couple of years so apparently owning a bookstore and saying so on blogshares tailors spam blogs to fit (or else it’s just coincidence). Never fear, we have at least some of the books you’re searching for if those old blog titles happen to draw you to our site.


Cutting back on our open days for awhile

We have decided to close on Sundays for awhile, though we may re-open on Sundays during the summer months as we get more tourist traffic. We are currently closed on Tuesdays and holidays as well, but we may consider switching to closed on Sundays and Mondays depending on how online sales and other factors play out.

Discounted selections for the month of March

This month we will be offering 30% off marked prices on books in our Women’s Studies section, since March is Women’s Her-story Month. Later in the month we will also be having discounted prices ?(20%) on books about “green” businesses, “green” cleaning products, “green energy”, etc. as well as discounts on books on Ireland and the Irish people. Also, with “March Madness” happening, we will be offering a 20% discount on books about basketball as well.

Pictures of our holiday opening event and more

Last Saturday we had an opening under new ownership event/party which was a big success. We’ve been posting a lot on our Facebook page about that and other daily happenings since then, but haven’t had a chance to post many updates here; too much on our plates currently. We hope to have internet access in the store sometime this week, which will (at least in theory) make it more likely that we will update this blog more frequently. For now, check out these pictures from our event and stay tuned to our Facebook page for more consistent updates and progress reports.

Sufi Santa reading from A Night Without Armor, Jewel's book of poems.

Sufi Santa reading from A Night Without Armor, Jewel’s book of poems.


Two wise men (+ 1 wise guy) engaged in a grumpy cat lookalike contest.